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Biology BIO 105 Media Assignment (Professor Zajdel):

Class Assignment

This guide accompanies Professor Zajdel's Media Project assignment for Biology 105.  It offers students guidance in locating quality scholarly articles on Biology related topics.


Choosing a Topic (click on the Browse Topics Link for a master list of science topics)

(Note: Not all articles in this database are full text. Some links only have the abstract for the article)

Instructions:(When you access off campus a login popup box will appear)


For additional assistance in completing this research assignment contact:

Curleen Elliott, MLIS

‚Äč(203) 332-5179

Blog to Peer Review Assignment (Browse these blogs or search for your chosen topic)

Offers Advanced Search where you can search for Keywords, and Topic Search  Browsing



Browse by topic,  use search box to locate research on your topic.

Journal Database (If your peer reviewed article is not accessible through the internet use the library database)