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Career Evaluation

This program illustrates how to relate interests, skills, education, training, values, and lifestyle to specific occupations in the world of work. Based on the commonsense notion that you do best at what you really like to do, this video shows viewers how to find an occupation with job requirements that closely match their interests. Nothing predicts high workplace satisfaction like a close match between job duties and the employee-to-be! A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (10 minutes)

One Nation Under Stress

An HBO documentary that explores the causes and effects of chronic stress from scientific, economic and sociological perspectives. In investigating the recent three-year decline in U.S. life expectancy for the first time in a hundred years, neurosurgeon and Emmy®-award winning CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta travels across the country, interviewing experts from a wide range of fields who share their insights on why we are experiencing so much stress, its effect on Americans, and its consequences for the health of the nation. 

Why It's Worth Listening To People You Disagree With

We get stronger, not weaker, by engaging with ideas and people we disagree with, says Zachary R. Wood. In an important talk about finding common ground, Wood makes the case that we can build empathy and gain understanding by engaging tactfully and thoughtfully with controversial ideas and unfamiliar perspectives. "Tuning out opposing viewpoints doesn't make them go away," Wood says. "To achieve progress in the face of adversity, we need a genuine commitment to gaining a deeper understanding of humanity."

Voices Beyond the Wall

Rescued from the streets of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, murder capital of the world, orphaned girls find their voices in poetry as they heal traumas of their past and prepare to transition into an uncertain future.

The Game

How did hip hop become more than just a genre of music? Over the last two decades, hip hop has transformed into a social movement, and then a lucrative commodity. Featuring artists like 50 Cent, Ice T, Chuck D, Young Thug, Grandmaster Caz, as well as the people working behind the scenes to engineer their success, this program shows how the culture of hip hop was converted into a brand that could be used to sell anything from headphones to clothing.

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