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Psychology 111 Prof. Turiano (OER): Home

This guide accompanies Professor Turiano's Psychology 111 OER course

Course Objectives

  1. Identify the assumptions of historical and current perspectives, including behavioral, psychoanalytic, humanistic, biological, cognitive, and socio-cultural.

  2. Articulate the strengths, limitations, implications, and ethical challenges of the following research approaches.

  3. Use information technology ethically and responsibly when formulating a researchable topic and employing sound database search strategies to locate and choose relevant peer-reviewed sources from appropriate media.

  4. Demonstrate information competence when using selected sources to accurately evaluate the general scientific reports of psychological literature and data.

  5. Explain how behavior and mental processes are influenced by culture and the presence of others.

  6. Articulate the ethical research guidelines set by the APA.

  7. Critically analyze current issues in psychology, and articulate connections between diverse facts and theories; identify arguments based on personal and anecdotal evidence; identify common fallacies and unsupported assertions regarding behavior.


This guide was designed from Northwestern Michigan College's Abnormal Psychology Course LibGuide. It is created under the   Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Course Content

Demonstrate an understanding of basic concepts and theories of the following:

 a. Research methods


b. Perspectives in psychology


c. Biology and human behavior


d. States of consciousness


e. Theories of learning


g. Memory


h. Motivation



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