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Zotero: About Zotero

About Zotero

Your Personal Research Assistant

Zotero is free downloadable software that helps you collect, organize, and share your research. Most professors at HCC will require you to provide a list of references for the sources that you used in an assignment. You also need to provide in-text citations within the article itself to make clear when you're using those sources. Zotero can help you with this.
In it's simplest form there is Zoterobib you can use this to build an instant bibliography without installing any extensions or software.



Zotero Features

Collect with a Click

​Zotero provides browser Connectors that integrate into Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. These Connectors allow you to automatically capture information about the website you're looking at, and brings that information into Zotero so you can save it for later and create references for it. This one-click solution makes it easier to do research online. For information on downloading and installing browser Connectors, visit the Download & Install tab of this guide.

Organize Your Way

Zotero allows you to organize your sources in the ways that work best for you. Sort items into collections based on classes, assignments, or by topic, for example. You can tag items with keywords of your choosing, which can then be used to sift through and sort the sources you have in Zotero. Lastly, you can create and save searches that, when used, recall lists of items stored in Zotero.

Cite in Style

Zotero is able to instantly create references and bibliographies in over 8,000 citation styles. References and bibliographies can be created in file types supported by any Word processor, such as Microsoft Word, Google Sheets, or Apple Pages. A plug-in is available that allows you to create references and bibliographies directly within Microsoft Word.

Stay in Sync

An optional feature in Zotero allows you to sync your data across devices, which means your notes, files, and bibliographic references are the same no matter what device you use to access Zotero. This is a useful feature if you plan to do research at home and on campus, as well as using different devices such as a home laptop or tablet, and a computer in an HCC computer lab.

Collaborate Freely

Zotero lets you collaborate with professors and classmates. Your collections of sources can be shared with as many people as you want, and other people can share their collections with you. Professors can share course materials using Zotero, and you can share the sources you'd like to use for an assignment with them, so they can provide feedback